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Les journalistes de Radio-Canada sont retournés au travail

Les problèmes de fonds ne sont pas réglés pour autant et ne le seront pas de sitôt. Dans un article récent, ( septembre 2005) le magazine Macleans explique les principale données du problème.


"Management and union are almost indistinguishable when they talk about the value of public broadcasting, and CBC's need to "reflect Canada to Canadians." But beneath those words there is a basic inconsistency that has never been resolved: is the CBC a public service, or is it a competitive media outlet? This awkward split personality -- between the values of business and ideals of public service -- has created three distinct worlds under the CBC banner. First, there's the stable news and current affairs operation. Then there's the highly profitable but culturally irrelevant programming like pro sports and imported serials. Those are maintained largely to subsidize CBC's Third World -- its perennially money-losing mass entertainment shows. This uneasy coexistence has held for a generation. But now that the CBC's audience is being torn away by an ever-expanding range of choices on the dial, the cracks in the corporation are widening. »

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