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If I were to criticize you, would you throw me in jail?

Les entrevues d'Oriana Fallaci (décédée en septembre 2006) avec des leaders comme Kissinger et Kadhafi font paraître les grands interviewers d'aujourd'hui comme des houppettes.

Vanity Fair s'amuse au jeu des comparaisons, analysant au passage ce qui constitue l'essence de la stratégie d'entrevue toute "fallacienne"...:

Extraits d’une entrevue de Dan Rather avec un leader mondial

Dan Rather: Mr. President, I hope you will take this question in the spirit in which it's asked. First of all, I regret that I do not speak Arabic. Do you speak any … any English at all?

Saddam Hussein (through translator): Have some coffee.

Rather: I have coffee.

Hussein (through translator): Americans like coffee.

Rather: That's true. And this American likes coffee.

Extraits d’une entrevue de d’Oriana Fallaci avec un leader mondial

Oriana Fallaci: When I try to talk about you, here in Tehran, people lock themselves in a fearful silence. They don't even dare pronounce your name, Majesty. Why is that?

The Shah: Out of an excess of respect, I suppose.

Fallaci: I'd like to ask you: if I were an Iranian instead of an Italian, and lived here and thought as I do and wrote as I do, I mean if I were to criticize you, would you throw me in jail?

The Shah: Probably.
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