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Pierre-Marc Johnson était anti-syndical?

Dans son livre The life : the seductive call of politics, Steve Paikin cite (p. 89-90 ) Pierre-Marc Johnson qui se rappelle ses discussions avec un leader syndical lors du premier gouvernement du PQ.

« I’d say to him, ‘Come on, let’s be blunt and frank about this. You’d like people to be in deep trouble – deep shit – so you can justify whatever unionization efforts you can make and take a piece of power. But we’re going to protect people better than that. And they might find out that the government can protect them fairly well, and if they decide they won’t have unions it’s their choice. Some union leaders, particularly at the CNTU, (CSN) tried everything in terms of lobbying within the government for that law not to pass. »

The life : the seductive call of politics,
Steve Paikin
Penguin Group, Toronto, 2001.

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